The charge pulse and listen times can be changed on our HDX readers.  The default values are a 50 ms charge pulse and a 50 ms listen time.  This is a total cycle time of 100 ms for 1/0.100 = 10 scans per second.

The tag message requires less than 20 ms to be transmitted so the listen time can be reduced to speed up the scan rate.  With a 50 ms charge pulse and 20 ms listen time the read rate is 14 scans per second (1/0.070).  The fastest speed is 40 scans per second with a 5 ms charge pulse and a 20 ms listen time.

It takes much more power to generate the charge pulse than to listen.  Increasing the listen time will lower the overall power consumption.  Slowing the reader speed can extend the runtime from batteries a significant amount.